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Monday, August 22, 2011

All Wild in Yellowstone Park Wy.

Howdy! Driving, sightseeing, & limited internet sites (none in Yellowstone Park) made  less time for social media. I apologize for the quality of these photos as I took them in the moment & are not the clearest but you'll get the general idea of what I viewed!     Later.......if internet sites permits     :)

Our day started with a pretty sunrise in Hayden Valley, a 'hot spot' for  wildlife in the morning hours. 

The early morning mists cleared to reveal a Grizzly bear sow with 2 cubs feeding on a carcass. A very kind photographer allowed me to view through his scope this truly amazing sight!  Hayden Valley

Hard to see, but  mama  Grizzly (on left) is on the alert & turns to see or hear an intruder approaching. 

Sure enough, a much larger Grizzly running very fast in the direction of grizzly family & carcass!  (he ran them off)

Bald Eagle ( a lifer! ) - Hayden Valley 

Lone female black Wolf  - Willow Park

Another view - Black female wolf - Willow Park
There were numerous sightings throughout the park area of 4-5 wolves traveling together but I was happy to get this one.

Small brown bear (grizzly?) traveling alone, but this is the closest my lens and I would get  with Mom most likely  near by.    Black-tail Deer Plateau

Bull Elk - Willow Park

Found this Gray Jay in the parking lot.   Upper Falls - Canyon Village