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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wed. Wings-Birding with Tucson Friends

Its been a while since I posted a blog and I can't wait to share with you the wonderful time I had birding with fellow birder/bloggers Kathie Brown and Chris Rohrer in beautiful Tucson, Az. We met at a Starbucks and I had the pleasure of meeting Kathie for the first time in person. It didn't take but a minute and I knew what a wonderful person she is. I had already birded with Chris on another occasion and this combination of knowledge and professionalism made for a great experience. Chris and Kathy assured me I would view (and most likely photo) all the birds on my wish list - and they delivered!   

      We spent the morning at Sweetwater Wetlands.  A birder paradise nestled in the heart of Tucson, hard to find but worth the many road construction detours.  I went crazy, taking what seemed a million photos. 
Here' s a few .... 

                                                             " Sweetwater Wetlands"
50 bird species recorded & submitted to E-bird by Kathie Brown and Chris Rohrer

Black and white Warbler

Summer Tanager (f) 

Common Moorhen

Song Sparrow


Yellow-headed Blackbird

                                                                 The morning went by fast and the outdoor temperature steadily rising into the 70's.  After we had a very nice lunch at Francisco's, Kathy and Chris decided that for me to see more life birds we needed to take a trip to Reid Park. The park was very crowded with a Spring training baseball game being played  and picnickers enjoying the warm weather. We worried that the crowds maybe scared off the birds but it didn't, as they were all there:)

                                                                         " Reid Park"
 19 bird species recorded & submitted to E-bird by Kathie Brown & Chris Rohrer

                                                                  Common Merganser (F)


                                                      Black-crowned Night Heron (adult)
                                                            Vermilion Flycatcher (m)
Not a lifer, but Egrets beg to be photographed:)

                             Last but not least, we ended our birding day at Saguaro National Park.  This Park is gorgeous and I can only imagine what it must look like when the wildflowers are in full bloom in a few weeks time.  This is a great wildlife and birding destination if you visit the Tucson area with nice trails and picnic areas. 

                                                              " Saguaro National Park
12 bird species recorded and submitted to E-bird by Kathie Brown  and Chris Rohrer
                                        Thanks to Kathie and her very keen eye,  I never EVER would imagine to see and photo  a Great-horned Owl resting on top of a saguaro cactus!  We all agreed this was the highlight of the day.                          
                                        Also, Northern Cardinals in the desert ................ wow!
Northern Cardinal (m)

Northern Cardinal (f)

                                                                    Black-throated Sparrow
Curve-billed Thrashers

At the close of this amazing day I have to thank Kathie and Chris for a wonderful birding experience. They are experts at all that is birding - identifying, counting and submitting  important data each time they bird. I am  so grateful that they took the time and patience to show me their world:)   

Cynthia, Chris, Kathy     3/2/2013

       Happy Birding !!