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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Visit to Gilbert Water Ranch #birds #nature #Gilbert #Az.

Although the end of the day turned out to be a toasty 100 degrees, our Friday morning visit to Gilbert Water Ranch started out as a pleasant 65 degrees and sunny. Gilbert Water Ranch is a wonderful oasis amidst the residential and business community of Gilbert, Arizona. We arrived at 6:30 a.m. and some very serious nature photography had already begun. I was informed that this day was the best in four weeks due to the tide pool conditions. I was not disappointed as all of the below are "lifers"  for me.   :)

Great Egrets

Great Egret & I believe Long-billed Dowitchers

Long-billed Dowichers with American Coot in background

American Avocets

Black-necked Stilt

Black-crowned Night-Heron (immature)

Snowy Egret


Snowy Egret

Cinnamon Teal with his mate


Bosque Bill said...

Very nice post. I love that place, so great for birding and photography as you so clearly demonstrated.

Julie G. said...

Oh Cynthia, this is a most wonderful post! Congratulations on all the lifers. The images are so very beautiful. Stunning reflections. I especially love the Black-necked Stilt and American Avocets photographs. Lovely sights!

MikeyBoy50 said...

Great series Cynthia

Michelle DH said...

Great photos!

Debbie Miller @HooootOwl said...

What an exciting day birding! Wonderful images. I really like the egrets reflection while walking along with the Dowitchers and the American Advocets. All are wonderful!

Kerri said...

These are SUPER captures!!

Birding is Fun! said...

Awesome place that was home to a lot of my life birds! Thanks for sharing the thrill!

Beverly said...

Wonderful post!!!

Cindy said...

I love the Avocets..have never seen them!

John's Island said...

Wow, lots of neat photos in this post. Thank you for sharing this wonderful series and congrats on the lifers! John