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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arriving Daily-Wings on Wed.

Dark-eyed  (gray-headed)  Junco -  Prescott, Az
This past week has shown a marked increase of Junco activity at the feeder as Fall makes its subtle return

Happy to see this white-tailed (leucistic) Junco return as he was here last year :) 


Birding is Fun! said...

I've seen that same white tail syndrom in Oregon Dark-eyed Juncos. Your pictures remind me that my first ever Dark-eyed Junco was a Gray-headed seen at a campground above Payson Arizona. I remembered how hard it was for me to identify way back then.

cindyzlogic said...

Congratulations, Cynthia!! How fun!! Today is the first day of Fall-ish weather here...I'll need to gear up for the Fall arrivals!

Julie G. said...

Terrific photos! I'm waiting for the juncos to return to our area (Chicago). No sight of them yet.