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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Western Kingbird-Wed. Wings

                                                  Western Kingbird - Prescott, Az.

This Western Kingbird  also did a fancy flight type of 'wing' dance - probably to attract a nearby female. I wasn't fast enough to hit the record mode of my camera before he flew away......drat!


Laurence Butler said...

Kingbirds are great. They're large, colorful, and have such irrepressible confidence.

It's always great to see their silhouette on the telephone wires on the outskirts of Phoenix, and even better to see them on a natural perch, as you're photographed so nicely here.

Cynthia White said...

Always appreciate your kind comments Laurence :)

Tammy said...

Great shots of the Kingbird! There have a few Eastern Kingbirds spotted around here, but unfortunately not by me! They are beautiful birds!

Julie G. said...

Wow! A real beauty! Surprisingly, I was told there is a Western Kingbird in one of the birding areas in Chicago. I saw 4 Eastern Kingbirds today but no western. Great captures, Cynthia!

Cindy said...

I Love kingbirds! Thanks for sharing these shots!