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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Butterfly Wings On Wednesday

                 Queen Butterfly - Willow Lake - Prescott, Az. 
                                                            (danaus gilippus)                                       

              Bordered Patch Butterfly  (backyard) Prescott, Az.
                                                (chlosyne lacinia)                   

    Spalding's Dotted Blue - Willow Lake- Prescott, Az.
(euphilotes spaldingi )                   


Dan Huber said...

gorgeous captures. I haven't had as much opportunity to get butterfly shots as I would like this year.

Kerri said...

Oh they are LOVELy!!

Cindy said...

Shooting butterflies ( eith a camera of course) has been this summer's joy.. I will miss them.. These are great shots!

Kathie Brown said...

Nice shots of the butterflies!

Julie G. said...

Gorgeous captures, Cynthia! The wing patterns and colors are so very beautiful.