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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wings and Things At Watson Lake

The weather  later this week is to turn cold and wintry so a trip down the road to Watson Lake on a beautiful sunny day was in order.  Again, some of the images are typical year round residents, but I did manage to view and photograph another life bird - the Belted Kingfisher. Of all the times I have been at our lakes at different times of the  year, I guess it was the 'right time, right place' for they are listed as in range for our area but a first for me:)

                                                          Belted Kingfisher (m)

                                                                   American Coots on ice

                                                                    American Kestral
                                                          Small (warbler?) birds nest

                                                    Not sure but maybe a Brewer's Blackbird?

                                         Canadian Geese flying low over the Dells

                                                                      Great Blue Heron

Last but not least, this very small rodent was shuffling under the leaves and gave me short notice to get a image of his eye and the top of his nose:)

                                                                  Happy Birding!!


Bob Zeller said...

Love your photos, especially that Belted Kingfisher. One of my favorite birds.

Laurence Butler said...

Nice shots Cynthia! What a pretty place.
I think that mystery bird is a younger Starling.

Great stuff

Julie G. said...

Looks like you had a nice visit to Watson Lake. Congratulations on the Belted Kingfisher sighting. Wonderful photographs of all that you saw!

cindyzlogic said...

Wonderful captures, Cynthia! I love the cute Belted-Kingfisher :-))

Cindy said...

Hi Cynthia.. nice to see you blogging again.. Cool to see King Fisher & Kestrel.. Thanks fir sharing your day!